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We are* a group of avid birders (birdwatchers) who share a common interest in fine wines, foods, and cooking.  Here is our club organization chart.  We are centered in Lompoc (Lom-poke) located on the Central Coast of California and in the heart of the Santa Barbara County wine country.  This affords us access to many fine wineries and tasting rooms.  We will pick any 'ol excuse, impromptu or otherwise, to get together with friends and celebrate.  We often attend local wine events together -- here we are at Real Men Cook in 2004.  Periodically, we schedule our own organized wine tastings. Come on in and meet our members!

*Well, our little group has been mostly quiescent since the Ayres moved away to Tucson, Arizona. We still occasionally get together, though no longer for regular wine tastings. Also, we used to be very active in our local Audubon Society, but that is pretty much behind us as well. However, we still love to remember the great times we had together, which we have memorialized on our Events page. While this wineclub site is no longer being maintained, Webmaster Barbara does occasionally make an attempt to add new event albums and change some of the outdated information.

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