Birders after Hours

We all met at various times while we were out in the field birding. We soon discovered that besides birding, we all shared an interest in fine wines and foods, bringing about the inception of Birders after Hours, the Ornithological Oenophiles.

We have all been active members of the La Purisima Audubon Society (LPAS), which is our local chapter of the National Audubon Society serving the Lompoc, Santa Maria and Santa Ynez Valleys. Each of us served for many years as board members for LPAS.

  • John is working to promote the Central Coast Birding Trail.

  • Nora enjoys birding with John and friends.

  • Becky is our great organizer and is always coming up with new ways to combine birding with our wine tasting hobby.

  • Brad maintains the Ponds, and actively participates in many local bird counts and activities.

  • Cher is the LPAS field trip/birdwalk chair, and she and Bruce personally organize and lead many of the trips themselves.

  • Bruce is an LPAS board member and accompanies Cher whenever he can on our birdwalks, faithfully keeping track of what we see. 

  • Barbara is our webmaster who, in addition to this site, helped develop the Central Coast Birding Trail website, and a number of additional websites accessible from


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