This is my place to post our photo albums of yearly events and books of memories from our travels. I've also included our end of year Christmas letter summarizing that year.

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I still also have albums for our past "OO" wine club events for both tasting and birding .
("OO" = Ornithological Oenophiles)

2012 Events

Bob & Jo Ann visit, January 2012
Mystery Dinner, March 2012
Arizona Easter Trip, April 2012
Artiste Founding Members' Party, April 2012
Kona via San Jose, May 2012
Vintner's Grill Brunch with Rosemary, Ray & family, May 2012
July 4th BBQ at the Schultz's, July 2012
Mackie Tournament, July 2012
Mystery Dinner, July 2012
Oregon for Barbara's 70th birthday, August 2012
San Diego, September 2012
Las Vegas, October 2012
Phoenix, November 2012
My Paso Robles Art Show, December 2012
Xmas Letter 2012

2011 Events

San Francisco with Tonya & Bill, February 2011
"The King & I" in Kona, February 2011
Su, Chris & Lindsay visit, March 2011
Mystery Party March 2011
Scottdale & Phoenix, April 2011
Olive & Jazz Festival, June 2011
Featured Art Show at Cypress Gallery, June 2011
Turducken event at Clos Pepe, June 2011
Linda & family visit, June 2011
Anniversary trip to Atascadero, June 2011
Midwest Trip, August-September 2011
Palm Desert wih Bill & Tonya, October 2011
San Diego by train, October 2011
Arizona for Thanksgiving, November 2011
Paso Robles Victorian Festival, December 2011
Xmas Letter 2011

2010 Events

Arizona Trip, January 2010
Mystery Party, March 2010
San Diego Trip, April 2010
Barrels in the Plaza & Paso Robles, May 2010
Wine in the Pines, June 2010
Atascadero Anniversary, June 2010
Atascadero With Tonya & Bill, July 2010
Las Vegas, September 2010
Castoro BBQ, September 2010
Arizona Thanksgiving Trip, November 2010
Carribean Cruise, December 2010
Xmas Letter 2010

2009 Events

Cruise Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, February 2009
Arizona Easter trip, April 2009
En Plein Aire with Linda's painting Class, June 2009
Wine In the Pines June 2009
Dinner with Tonya & Bill, June 2009
Alapay Sunset Cruise from Avila Beach, July 2009
July 4th Wine Tasting in Santa Ynez Valley with Ron & Trish 2009
Pinot Tasting at Bob & Judi's, July 2009
Roblar Pickup Party, July 2009
Alapay Sunset Cruise, July 2009
Oregon September 2009
Su & Lindsay Visit, October 2009
Arizona Thanksgiving Trip, November 2009
Xmas Letter 2009

2008 Events

Su and Lindsay Visit March 2008
Gourmet Mystery PartyMarch, 2008 (on AAUW site)
Costa Rica Tour, 2-11 April 2008
Lompoc Wine Tour, April 20, 2008
Napa Timeshare Week with Bill & Tonya, May 2008
Kauai 20th Anniversary Trip, June 2008
Visiting the Copelands in Colorado Springs, August 2008
Jana & Mack's Wedding, September 6, 2008
Rehearsal Dinner, September 5, 2008
Kona Family Vacation September 2-9, 2008
Christmas 2008
Xmas Letter 2008

2007 Events

Spanish Wine Dinner at the Village Country Club, February 2007
Trip to Oahu, February 2007
Su and Lindsay visit, March 2007
Mini Wine Tasting and Barbecue with John, Nora, Becky & Brad, April 2007
Gourmet Picnic, April 2007 (on AAUW site)
Cabernet Franc Tasting at Buttonwood with the Marlowes, May 2007
Cruising Istanbul to Athens with the Marlowes, May 2007
Memorial for Marlys, July 2007
Ron and Kel Family visit, October 2007
Birthday Party and Gilbert Birdwalk, November 2007
Hawaii with the Copelands, December 2007
OO Wine Club Champagne Brunch, December 2007
John, Marnie and David visit after Christmas, December 2007
Xmas Letter 2007

2006 Events

Rennaisance Dinner at Eagle Castle, February 2006
Wall Street Mystery Party at the Beths', February 2006
Becky & Brad wed in Miguelito Park, March 2006
Gourmet Picnic, April 2006 (on AAUW site)
Easter Brunch at the Village Country Club, April 2006
Spring Flowers and Backyard MakeOver, May 2006
Burrito Bandito Mystery Party, May 2006
Visiting Pam & Paul, May 2006
Mother's Day trip to Phoenix, May 2006
Stopped by San Diego, May 2006
Bluebird Trail Photos, June 2006
Firestone Picnic with Bill & Tonya, June 2006
Buttonwood Red, White and Blues with Bill & Tonya, June 2006
Samson & Delilah join our family after losing our beloved Shadow & Clyde
Linda, Tim, Kaylee, Kevin & Kyler visit, July 2006
Birthday celebration at Hama Suto, August 2006
Trip to San Francisco, August 2006
Rocky Point with Pam, Paul, Laura & Gary, September 2006
Ron, Kel, Sydney & Tayson visit, October 2006
Trip to Tahoe via Kings Canyon and Yosemite, October 2006
Thanksgiving week in Arizona, November 2006
Linda and Tim wedding, December 2006
Xmas letter 2006

2005 Events

Superbowl Sunday in Phoenix, February 2005
Visit to Tucson, February 2005
Su and Lindsay Visit, March 2005
Easter Brunch at the Village Country Club, March 2005
Backyard Flowers & Home Remodel, April 2005
Gourmet Picnic, April 2005 (on AAUW website)
Bocce Ball at Mosby Vineyards, May 2005
Flower Festival, June 2005
Bluebird Trail Care, July 2005
Alaska Cruise, July 2005
Birthday Brunch for Barbara, August 2005
Ron and Kel, Syd and Tay Visit, September 2005
Su and Lindsay Visit, October 2005
Lethal Luau, November 2005
Visit with Pam and Paul in Ventura, November 2005
Thanksgiving Week in Arizona, November 2005
John, Marnie and David visit, December 2005
Christmas Decor at home, December 2005
Xmas letter 2005

2004 Events

New Year's Sunday Brunch
Phoenix Marathon
Phoenix Visit, January 2004
Tucson Desert Museum, January 2004
VCC: Tucson Golfing Trip, February 2004
Desert Hot Springs, February 2004
VCC: Dan Unrue's and Jan's Retirement party, February 2004
John and David Visit, February 2004
Artist neighbors David and Linda finish our beautiful new Window, February 2004
Mediterranean Cruise, March-April 2004 (coming eventually)
Gourmet Picnic April 2004 (On the AAUW site)
Visiting the Santa Barbara Zoo, April 2004
Luau at Foley Winery, April 2004
Buttonwood Crayfish Boil, May 2004
VCC "ESD" Tournament, May 2004
A Week At Mission Bay, June 2004
Big Bash Wine Event with Becky and Brad, June 2004
Red, White and Blues with John and Nora, June 2004
Copelands come for the Mackie Tournament, July 2004
Trip to Northern California, August 2004
Ron brings his family with him to Vandenberg, August 2004
VCC Winemaker Dinner, September 2004
Wine Tour with David and Linda, October 2004
Wine Tour with John, Marnie and David, November 2004
Thanksgiving in Arizona. November 2004
Hawaii Trip with the Copelands, December 2004
Christmas 2004 Dinner Celebration
2004 Christmas Letter

2003 Events

January 2003 NFL Playoff and Superbowl Parties
Dinner at Eberle with Don & Diane in February 2003
Linda, Mike, Kaylee, Kevin and Kyler visit in March 2003
March 2003 Wine Tasting with Dave & Marcia
Our Spring Yard
Vintner's Weekend, April 2003
Easter week in Phoenix, April 2003
Plam Party and Ranchero Ride in May 2003
Hawaii with the Copelands, May 2003
John, Marnie & David visit in February and in June 2003
Mackie Tournament 2003 with the Copelands, July
San Diego at the Beach, Jul 2003
Events with the Beths, April and August
Ron, Kel, Sydney, & Tayson visit, August 2003
Sunday Brunch with P&J and D&D, August 2003
Tahiti Cruise, September 2003
Thanksgiving 2003 in Phoenix 
Sunday Brunch with Pam & Paul and Walt & Jan after Thanksgiving
2003 Christmas Letter

2002 Events

John, Marnie & David visit, February 2002
Spring in Phoenix, March 2002
John, Marnie & David visit, April, 2002
Trip to San Diego, Las Vegas & St. George, June 2002
Mackee Tournament, July 2002
San Diego, July 2002
Su & Lindsay visit, September 2002
Christmas in Phoenix, December 2002
2002 Christmas Letter

Remembering 2001 at XMAS

October 1999 East Coast Trip

Visit with Sheila

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