"Isles & Fjords"
July 25-August 11 2013

This is a book of memories put together by Barbara Willey, as a retrospective of our 2013 trip with my husband Dick Willey and our good friends Dave and Marcia Vener. The trip consisted of a four day stopover in London before boarding for Oceania's "Isles & Fjords" cruise on their magnificent Marina ship. The book is written completely from my personal perspective, so forgive me for all of my first person terminology. Although I took a lot of pictures along the way, I missed some important ones, and Google helped to fill in the holes.

I used the really nice "Shutterbug" program to create the book and this dictated its overall structure. To review the book it is important to understand this structure, so please read the following description: The book consists of 18 main pages, each representing a day and containing an overview of that day. Each day has one or more sub-pages containing narrative and photos for a portion of the day. Along the left border of both overview and subpages are navigation links to each day. As you view an overview day, its subpage links come into view. On the overview pages, each right-side thumbnail represents a subpage of that day. You can navigate to a subpage by clicking either the left-side link or the thumbnail. On subpages, the thumbnails at right show the photos from that segment. Click a thumbnail to view a slideshow with full-size images. Use the forward and previous links on the photo page to see all the photos.

On the slideshow pages, click the index link to return to the subpage. On each overview and subpage, I have added a link at the bottom which will take you to the following page. This allows you to read through the book sequentially. Alternately, at right on this page is a direct index to each day.

Please let me know if you have difficulty with the book. I know it is a long story, so you might not want to do it all at once. ;-)

Now please link to the memory book and enjoy . . .


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Day 1 - To London

Day 2 - Thames Cruise

Day 3 - Windsor Castle

Day 4 - London Bus

Day 5 - Board Marina

Day 6 - Sea Day

Day 7 - Edinburgh

Day 8 - Invergordon

Day 9 - Shetland Isles

Day 10 - Norway

Day 11 - Norway

Day 12 - Sea Day

Day 13 - Belfast

Day 14 - Dublin

Day 15 - Cork

Day 16 - Portland UK

Day 17 - To LAX

Day 18 - Going Home