May 16-30 2013

One day in March we, Dick and Barbara Willey, received a call from our good friends Tom and Lynda Tully, who currently live in Las Vegas. They had just booked a river cruise with American Cruise Lines, and they suggested we join them. Upon investigating, we discovered that this river cruise along the Atlantic Intrarcoastal Waterway from Jacksonville Florida to Charleston South Carolina went through an area of the country that we had never visited. Within 24 hours, we had scheduled this trip, added a few extra days in Charleston, reserved hotel rooms in Jacksonville, found a timeshare location in Charleston, booked airlines with Southwest Airways, and reserved Park and Fly rooms in Los Angeles at the beginning and end of the trip. We were committed!

This trip retrospective provides the combined recollections of me, Barbara Willey, and our friend, Tom Tully. It was initially to be based upon Tom Tully's "trip report" which he prepared for his friends. Tom has done these reports for many of their cruises in the past and they have always been very interesting. While he was not enthusiastic to do it again, he had so many requests that he reluctantly agreed. He also agreed to send me all of his pictures and I will admit it was wonderful to watch him capturing scenes from the trip so that I didn't have to think about it myself. In putting this album together, I first combined our respective photos into small groups, each representing a separate experience. Then I prepared an album page for each photo group with text descrbing the experience. I soon found that I was compelled to add my own thoughts to Tom's and so I prefaced our separate words with "From Tom" or "From Barbara." And finally, I put the whole thing together using "Shutterbug," a nice little Mac program I like quite well. I hope you will enjoy perusing the resulting 36 page "scrapbook" gallery album.

Now please link to the album and enjoy . . .


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