August 8 - 28 2012

To celebrate Barbara's 70th birthday, we took a wonderful trip to Oregon to visit her cousin's Carole & Shirley. On the way, we stopped in Lincoln California to visit with cousin's Margie & Shirley. The Oregon trip consisted of a short stay in Portland, a week at Whispering Woods in Welches near Mount Hood and another few days in Shirley's condo at Otter Crest Oregon. I, Barbara Willey, put together this little memory book about the trip.

The memory book book consists of 19 pages, each with a description and a photo album. To view the photos on a larger scale, click on any one and then navigate through the slideshow using the forward and previous links above the photo. To return to the album page, click on the index link. To return to this page, click on the header of any of the album pages.

Now please link to the album and enjoy . . .


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