Mystery Party, July 2010

Barbara & Dick

Chris & Wally

George & Kara

Sharon & Jerry

The Gals

The Guys

The group

Gift basket



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We had a wonderful time at this SPEAKEASY mystery party at the home

of Chris & Wally Rogers. Joining us also were George & Kara Dierkens

and Jerry and Sharon Melson. Here were our characters:

George (S. Treighton Harrow: a sleazy District Attorney) and Kara (Molly M. Awbsterr: a fun

flapper girl who loves to shop and drive her elegant deluxe sports car!)

Kris (Malissa F. Orrthot better known as Scoop: a young reporter for Chicago's leading

newspaper) and Wally (Eddie "Socks" R. Gyle: an avid golfer and brilliant deal maker!)

Sharon (Silky M. Adam: a slinky and shady lady who turned out to be the MURDERER!) and

Jerry (Billy "The Kid" Thrower: the star pitcher for the Chicago baseball team who lived a very

lavish lifestyle!)

Barbara (Anna Maria Carlotta Sassine "Torchy": a featured singer at an exclusive night club)

and Dick (Ernie "Bet A Million: G. Ambler: Chicago's most colorful millionaire gambler).