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Trip to Costa Rica, April 2008

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1-01 Barcelo_SanJose 1-02 hotel_barcelo_desk_3 1-03 hotel_barcelo_lobby_13b 1-04 P4030004
1-05a barcelo-bldg 1-05b barcelo_bldg_5b 1-06 P4030002 1-07 P4030003
1-08 P4030005+ 1-09 P4030006 1-09a clay-colored robin ROBCLC-7 1-09b Black-cheeked Woodpecker-08
1-10 hotel_barcelo_pool_3b 1-11 P4030008 1-12 P4030009 1-13 P4030010
1-14 hotel_barcelo_diningroom_32 1-15 P4030011 2-01 hotel_barcelo_UpperLevel_32b 2-02a CIMG0825
2-02b costa-rica-drummer boy-17 2-02c Blue-and-White-Swallow-CR 2-03 P4040013 2-03a sooty faced finch 2
2-03b sooty faced finch 2-04 P4040087 2-05 Poas 2-06 P4040088
2-07 P4040089 2-08 P4040090 2-09 P4040091 2-10 P4040092
2-11 P4040093 2-12 P4040094 2-13 P4040095 2-14 P4040096
2-15 P4040097 2-15a CIMG1064 2-15b national museum 2-15c DSC00659
2-15d 180px-Stone_sphere 2-15e gold_artifact_004 2-16 P4040015 2-18 P4040019
2-19 P4040020 2-20 hotel_barcelo_casino_2 2-21 hotel_barcelo_bar_14s 3a-00 Braulio Carrillo National Park2
3a-00 chestnut-mandibled_Toucan 3a-01_Aerial_Tram+ 3a-02 P4050023+ 3a-03 RFAT-Atlantic-tram-002
3a-04 P4050021 3a-05 P4050024 3a-06 P4050025 3a-07 P4050026
3a-08 ahpoisonfrog 3a-09 leaf_cutter5 3a-10 2289976-Grey_headed_kite-Tortuguero 3a-11 costa rica blue butterfly
3b-01 canal1 3b-01 canal2 Tortuguero 3b-01 canal3 3b-01 canal4-anhinga_drying_off_after_a_dip-Tortuguero
3b-01b sign 3b-02 caracol-04big 3b-03DSC01233 3b-04 habitacion-01big
3b-05 office-02big 3b-06 pool-at-laguna-lodge 3b-07 Beach-Tortuguero 3b-08 frontbar-01big
3b-09 sunset2big 3b-10 meals 4-00 Laguna_Lodge_Tortuguero-Tortuguero 4-00 zbirdersimagen-120
4-01 CIMG0821 4-01 Montezuma Oropendola back stretch 4-01 Oropendola_costa_rica 4-01 bird6
4-02 collared aracari side view 4-02 collared aracari 4-02 collared_aracari_jeff_higgott_470_350x250 4-03 DSC_0220
4-03 Great-Kiskadee,-TX-279T9885 4a-00restaurante-01big 4a-01a P4070112 4a-01b lagboats
4a-02 P4060099 4a-03 canal-Tortuguero 4a-04 sloths_do-Tortuguero 4a-05 Green_Iguana-Tortuguero
4a-06 Caiman_crocodilus_Costa_Rica_2 4a-07 basilisk 4a-08 RingedKingfisher-Tortuguero 4a-09 Jacana_Northern5
4a-09a-Northen_Jacana-Tortuguero 4a-10 tiger P4060101+ 4a-11 P4060102 4a-12 P4060104
4a-13 P4060105 4b-01 at_tort-station 4b-02a CCC-Image_0001 4b-02b ahgreenturtle
4b-03 -Tortuguero_beach-Tortuguero 4b-04Tortuguero 4b-05 2994767 4b-06
4b-07-Tortuguero_Village_from_the_water-Tortuguero 4b-08a the-dock 4b-08b lagfront 4b-09 poolbig
4b-10 P4070124 4b-11 BlueGrayTanager-1014ss 4c-01 tortuguero 4c-02-Howler_monkey-Tortuguero
4c-03-howler_monkey-Tortuguero 4c-04 howler-monkey 4c-05 -Tortuguero 4c-06 -Red_lored_parrots-Tortuguero
4c-07-Spyder_Monkey-Tortuguero 4c-08 buttress-roots 4c-09 restaurante-02big 4e-01 P4070107
4e-02 P4060032 4e-03 green-iguana 4e-04 P4060028 4e-05 P4060029
4e-06 P4060031 4e-07 P4070115 5a-01 P4070117 5a-02 P4070116
5a-03 P4070118 5a-04 P4070119 5a-05 P4070121 5a-06 P4070110
5a-07 P4070109 5a-08 P4070108 5a-09 P4070122 5a-10 P4070123
5a-11 P4070128 5a-11 P4070129 5a-13 P4070126 5a-14 P4070131
5a-15 P4070132 5a-15a white-breasted woodwren 5a-16 P4070113 5b-01 P4070135
5b-02 P4070136 5b-03 P4070137 5b-04 Delmonte-Tortuguero 5b-05 DSC01404
5b-06 P4070133 5b-07 P4070134 5b-08 P4070138 5c-01 img_1076 jpg 1819a5336c073f5b55aefa92a7daa0a1
5c-02 P4070139 5c-03 P4070140 5c-04 P4070141 5c-05 P4070142
5c-06 P4070143 5c-07 P4070144 5c-08 P4070145 5c-09 P4070146
5c-10 img_1075 jpg 1819a5336c073f5b55aefa92a7daa0a1 5d-00 5d-01 5d-02
5d-03 5d-04 5d-05 5d-06
5d-07 5d-08 5d-09 5d-10 view-at-breakfast

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