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Trip to Rocky Point with Pam, Paul, Laura and Gary, September 2006

What a luxurious and relaxing trip -- lots of eating, drinking and watching the sea.
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2-P9180020 2-P9180021(18) 2-P9180022(23) 2-P9180022
2-P9180024 2-P9180025(21) 2-P9180026 2-P9180027
2-P9180028 2-P9180029 2-P9180030 2-P9180033
2-P9180036 2-P9180037 2-P9180038 2-P9180039(35)
2-P9180040 2-P9180042 2-P9180043 2-P9180044(41)
2-P9180q011 2-P9180q013 2-P9180q014 2-P9180q015
2-P9180q017 2-P9180q018 2-P9180q019 2-P9180q021
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4-P9210029 4-P9210033 4-P9210034(36) 4-P9210034+
4-P9210038 4-P9210039(28 4-P9210039(30 4-P9210039(31
4-P9210039(40 4-P9210039(41 4-P9210039(45 4-P9210042
4-P9210044 4-P9210046 5-P9220049 5-P9220050
5-P9220051 5-P9220052 5-P9220053(58 5-P9220055
5-P9220056 5-P9220057 5-P9220059 5-P9220062
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