Hawaii Vacation, May 2003

First Stop: Hilo. Stayed 3 nights at the beautiful Inn at Kulaniapia -- Fantastic place as you can see from these photos, all downloaded from their website www.waterfall.net, except for #7, which Dick from the road.

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Hilo1-InnAtKulaniapia Hilo2-HostsLen&Jane Hilo3-TheInn
Hilo1-InnAtKulaniapia.jpg Hilo2-HostsLen&Jane.jpg Hilo3-TheInn.jpg
Hilo4-Our Room Hilo5-Family Room Hilo6-BreakfastOnTheLanai
Hilo4-Our Room.jpg Hilo5-Family Room.jpg Hilo6-BreakfastOnTheLanai.jpg
Hilo7-UpperFalls Hilo8-WayToTheFalls Hilo9-LowerFalls
Hilo7-UpperFalls.jpg Hilo8-WayToTheFalls.jpg Hilo9-LowerFalls.jpg