California Bluebird Recovery Program

for Santa Barbara County

Western Bluebird © Hugh P. Smith.


Following are recommended reference documents and resources for nest box monitoring and reporting. More may be found on the links page.

MONITORING GUIDE - Monitoring Your Bluebird Trail in California by Hatch Grahm  
Applicable to California cavity nesting species.
Revised web edition (PDF) for CBRP usage.

The Bluebird Monitor's Guide by Cynthia Berger, Keith Kridler, Jack Griggs
A Cornell Bird Library Guide. Available from Amazon.

Stokes Bluebird Book by Donald and Lillian Stokes
General bluebird information and beautiful pictures. Available at Amazon.

Annotated Nest Box Design from CBRP newsletter
Simple plan for building your own nest boxes (PDF).

Annotated Extender Pole Design from CBRP newsletter
Recommended where snakes are prevalent predators (PDF).

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