Our Story

    Our book began one day when I jotted down a few phrases while watching my kitty (Precious) sleep.  I wondered, “What do you do at night, kitty?  You sleep all day.”  I had no intention of writing a book.

     I had always loved Joanna’s colorful and primitive artwork, and thought it would be great for illustrating a children’s picture book.  I asked her if she would be willing to illustrate my words, and, crazily, she said, “Yes!”.  Joanna and I are both artists, and our two families spent many hours together camping, picnicing and sharing dinners.  This was going to be a fun project for us.

     Joanna created sketches with the freedom to use her own imagination.  We both worked on page design.  I sent “dummy books”, which were sample books with Joanna’s sketches and a full colored cover to several publishing companies.  All were rejected. The illustrations sat and the dream faded.

     After about five years, I decided to publish the book myself, and we were on our way!  Even though Joanna had painted most of the illustrations, she was willing to repaint them to the size we thought would be best.  She patiently replaced colors and some details, until we were both satisfied with all of the illustrations.

     It was a long process with seemingly endless setbacks, but we kept plugging along. We supported each other whenever one of us needed a lift to continue this endeavor.  After eighteen years of ups and downs, we finally have our book in print!

-Diane Atturio

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