What Do You Do At Night, Kitty?

A delightful children's book

Written by Diane Atturio and illustrated by Joanna Taylor


“From Diane’s words to Joanna’s imagination”

      Enjoy this vibrantly colored book with your preschooler. The details make it so much fun for children to explore each page.  It is rich with possibilities for language development. The illustrations stimulate discussion and imagination.
    Watch for the hot air balloon. Look for subtle changes in each page. When “kitty” is hunting for mice, it is a friendly game. She sends them back to their mother.

      Joanna’s illustrations include personal treasures from her home.  Portraits of her family, her dog Harley and primitive furniture that she has collected are all featured.

     This book will be an enduring treasure for your home for many years. 

Sample pages
What do you do? | Hunt for Mice? | Meet Your friends?

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