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Tonya Romano Schultz Studios
Lompoc Valley Art Association
Book Cover

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About a delightful children's book

Written by Diane Atturio and illustrated by Joanna Taylor

Angies Art Work Website

View Angie Hamlin's online Art here

(Barbara didn't design this site, but does help Angie keep her pictures current.)

Western Bluebird California Bluebird Recovery Program
for Santa Barbara County
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This site was professionally re-designed, but Barbara continues to maintain it.


Tahiti Motu painting
Barbara Willey is also an artist and set up a personal art gallery:

Gallery of Barbara's Oil Paintings

Barbara's older family website has been taken down because it was hopelessly out of date, but she retained her family photo albums:

Willey Family Photo Albums


California Central Coast Birding Trail

California Central Coast Birding Trail

Barbara put a lot of work into developing this local Audubon site, and is pleased that it is now maintained by The Ventura Audubon Society.


Barbara is available at reasonable rates to develop and maintain YOUR website. Simply drop her a note.

Please email requests and comments to Barbara

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